Are you Getting Ready for the Holidays?

If you are like most of us getting ready for the holidays, then you are probably dreading putting up Christmas lights. But luckily, we will help you out with some choice tips on how to get ready to put up Christmas lights like a professional.

How to Set Up Christmas Lights

Measure the Roof

christmas lights The first thing you need to do is measure your roof. You need to ensure that you are getting the right length of string lights necessary to fully illuminate the house or you’re causing problems for yourself from going back and forth.

Get the Lights

Next, you need to go and find the lights that will work best for your house. For some people that means nothing more than simply white or yellow, drop or globe, LED or Classic style.

Light it Up

Next, you need to secure your ladder before ascending the roof properly. Be careful because this is the deadliest part of working.

Next, you want to keep a hammer and nail or invest in a hook system for stringing up your lights.

Assemble all the lights appropriately then dangle the connector at the bottom and test the lights out.

Hire a Professional

But you can skip all of this hustle and ensure you have a safe Christmas by hiring a Christmas lighting company. We have extensive experience helping put peoples holiday lighting and can safely assure you that your house will be the best looking one on the block!

LiT Professional Lighting

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