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What is the use of Holiday Lighting

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Holiday lighting can be anything. For many residents of Katy Tx, Christmas Lighting is the first thing to come to mind. Though we’ve had clients that wanted Fourth of July Setups, Halloween Setups, and even Thanksgiving setups. Holiday lighting is what you want it to be, and for many people, there is a strong desire to dazzle and delight with Christmas Lighting. Katy Tx has Lit Professional Lighting to thank for some of the best lightings in the nation.

Tips for Successful Christmas Lighting

Balance – One of the most important things you can do with Christmas lighting is striking a proper balance. If you have one section of your house that is much better defined with Christmas lights, you have a problem!

Sequences – If you want to do timed sequences or dazzling arrays, try to time them in a practical way. We recommend 30-60 second loops depending on how many different lights you have available.

Bulb Size – Additionally, bulb sizes are another thing to choose and be careful of. Many people use the raindrop format that is so popular, but we’ve seen great houses that are lit up with spherical or circle lights, they can be extra effective.

Watt Budgeting – Finally, when you’ve chosen everything you have and are ready to get into it, make sure you have the proper wattage budget to make it happen! If you’re not careful, you can rack up quite a big budget!

Get Me Lit

You can see there is a lot to Christmas Lighting and make it look successful and easy. If you ever want to have a successful Christmas lights installation in Katy, TX without any of the upkeep or manual labor, then give us a call! We are always ready and willing to go out and help out some of our neighbors with their lighting!

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We are licensed, bonded and insured. If you want top-quality work at affordable prices, call LiT Professional Lighting today to schedule an appointment.

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