Establishing a perimeter

Though illuminating your property can initially be for aesthetic purposes one cannot forget the protection a well-lit location can give you and your home. Lights can dissuade everything from wild animals to burglars from making their way onto your property. Here are some ideas outdoor lighting can help promote a safe household.

Security Lighting

perimeter lightingFBI report that around 30 percent of household burglaries occur at night. That being stated these different outdoor lights can help discourage potential burglars from taking a chance at choosing your house.

Specific Locations- Having your lights set up in particular locations throughout your property will help discourage intruders from trying to make their way up your property, as a lack of shadows makes it harder for someone to sneak onto your property.

Timers- Having your outdoor lights set up with a timer can help ensure that your surrounding property has protective lighting occur only during the times of your wanting.

security lighting

Having your exterior lights set to a timer will also mean that you will not have to worry about turning your lights on and off, this will save you the headache of having to remember to do so.

Motion Detectors- Probably the best way to utilize outdoor lighting for home security, motion detectors. With motion detectors in place you can be notified as soon as someone, or something decides to approach your house. The lights will both give you an early warning system and also intimidates anyone making their way onto your property.

LiT Professional Lighting

LiT employees will ensure that your lights are set up to offer the most protection for your property whether that is due to their location, the timers or the motion detectors attached to them.

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