Motion Sensing Lights are Incredibly Effective

motion sensing lights Everyone should be or already are using motion sensing lights because they are just so effective. When you are sneaking around in the darkness and like divine intervention are completely bathed in light, it can be a terrifying experience. So terrifying in fact that it is a proven deterrent for criminals and animals alike.

While motion sensing technology is getting even better and adapting to even more uses, most people don’t know how they work at all, let’s explore that.

How do Motion Sensors work?

First off, motion sensing lights detect motion. So what is motion?

Motion is a disruption in the electromagnetic fields. Motion sensors, maintain a constant read of an area and detect what is normal and abnormal for that area EMF.

When something walks into the plane of the emf, they are disrupting the way the darkness is settling. This causes increases in the EMF waves.

These EMF waves, whether large or small can set off the motion sensor alarm and set the light show to full effect.

motion detectors

Conventional motion sensors area able to detect motion from within itself and do catches like turning your phone off when you drop it.

However, for the most part, EMF’s are the main type of motion sensing light though you can still receive heat signature motion sensors they are far more expensive.

Additionally, you can tether the motion sensor to anything from a horn to alight, so once you understand motion sensors, you can do anything.

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