Halloween Decorations should be Scary.

You can go online and find dozens of cheap and cutesy ways of Halloween Decoration. If you want to be safe, then read the first one on our list, and that’s the best we’re going to do for you.

But when it comes to Halloween lighting, it’s the only time during the year where you’re allowed to venture off into things that are truly unnerving and scary. This is what we are celebrating, the conquering of fears and the elaboration of myths.

So we’ve got three scenarios and one cutesy idea for Halloween decorations.

Our Low-Cost Ideas for Halloween Decoration

halloween decoration Floating Jug-O-Lanterns – First off, this is incredibly easier, you need yarn, a permanent marker, water jugs, and a little led light. Empty the jugs do smaller amounts of water to create traction, drop an LED light in there and draw a face on the jug. Then string the jug up against your door as a counterweight, and if you work the water right, they should swing or pivot against each other.

Séance Gone Wrong – This is my personal favorite. You will need an old blanket, some charcoal (new or old, depending on your tastes,) a couple of muted candles and some fake blood.

Cut a hole in the center of the old blanket and place it on the ground, then drop your charcoals in the center of the torn hole and spatter fake blood on the corner away from your front door. Then pull the corresponding corner in towards the charcoal, next knock over some candles that are on the way to the house’s door, and you’ve got a scary scene for all to see.

Open Door – Possibly the lowest-cost scare you can do. Turn off all the lights in your home and open the door. Keep a bowl of candy well in front of the door, so people know the candy is right there and not to traverse further. The concept of a giant black spot staring down at you is terrifying.

low cost halloween ideas

Patient Dedication – Check out your local thrift shop and find some old, oversized clothes, and an old chair for cheap. Then go to the costume store and get some straw and an oversized hat. Turn yourself into a scarecrow and sit in front of your house stark still and add some believable slump.

Leave the candy bowl just a little bit in front of you and pepper in some boo’s to really throw off the kiddies.

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