Holidays have passed, now what?

It is that time of the year again, the festivities are over, and it’s time to start packing up those lights until next year. What to do with these decorations is a tough question we all sometimes have, but luckily, we are here to give you some ideas on what to do next.

Storing your Lights

Plastic box

For most people saving their lights is a passing thought, not caring what they do with them. They usually end up crumpled in a ball, thrown into a cardboard box, left waiting till next year. This is a terrible way of doing this as you can damage your lights this way. This is a much better alternative for you to do.

First make sure you wind up your lights, this can be accomplished with a plastic winder, which usually comes with the pack of lights. If it is lost, damaged or discarded, you can always purchase one at your local hardware store.

Although a cardboard box seems the most readily available to someone looking for storage material, remember that it may be kept in a bit of a harsh environment, like an attic or shed. Exposure to the kinds of elements readily seen in these locations may lead to damage to the box that may in turn damage the lights inside. Instead of going this route we recommend a durable, reusable container for this purpose. We also recommend that the location you choose to have it stored be somewhat weather resistant as these two changes will make sure your lights are kept dry and safe.

Continue Use Throughout the Year

Now it is not advised that you keep your lights up further into the year, as this is not only a waste of electricity but may also upset your

neighbors as your lights could encroach through their windows at night. This will not have the same festive effect on them as it did during the holidays.

With this said keeping a few smaller lights up, either in your front or backyard could bring out a little vibrancy on your property.

You could also use the softer holiday lights within your house throughout the year, either while hosting a party, or giving your child’s room unique night light.