Lighting your trees is an effective way to add safety and appeal to your landscape.

While your large trees can be visually appealing during the daytime, they can actively darken the area further after hours. This can make areas of your lawn gloomy and unsafe from those who would do you harm.

LiT Professional Lighting is here to assist Houston communities with landscape light installation. Here are some tips to help your trees accent your outdoor landscape no matter the time of day.

Choose Your Method of Lighting Design

There are different styles and methods for emitting light sources around your trees. Whether you’re trying to directly illuminate the tree, or create a silhouette effect, there are different options to consider.


This mode of landscape light installation works best when the illuminated object has a hard, flat surface nearby to catch shadows. When you place your light at a certain distance from the tree, the light shines and casts a shadow effect on the wall. The light also softens past the tree as it hits the wall, creating a moody atmosphere. Flood lights and spotlights work well when creating this effect.

Downlighting or Moonlighting

This works great when you have tall trees in your yard. You can install smaller accent lights near the top of the tree and aim them down. The light emits down through the leaves and creates a nice lighting effect on the ground below. It helps illuminate an area that would otherwise be heavily darkened at night due to the size of the tree.


This is a form of outdoor lighting that is not unlike shadowing. The main difference is that these spotlights will illuminate a tree regardless of its location in the yard. You aren’t looking to create a shadow effect as much as you are trying to highlight the tree itself from below. Just plant your light somewhere on the underside of the tree and play with illuminating different points to your liking.

Things to Focus on When Installing Light Fixtures

Outdoor lighting is generally meant to add a subtle illumination that adds clarity and appeal. You don’t want to inadvertently point lights too far up where they’re wasting energy, nor at those occupying the space. Finding the right angle to focus on the tree itself or the stump allows the light to calmly disperse, adding sufficient soft lighting throughout the nearby area.

Also, bear in mind that trees and plants also require time in darkness. Monitor your energy consumption by setting your landscape lights on a timer to benefit you both.

Landscape Tree Lighting and Installation with LiT Professional Lighting

LiT Professional Lighting is a licensed, and experienced landscape lighting company in the Houston area. Our passion is curating already beautiful landscapes with subtle and elegant lighting effects to accent your home and property. Our work is sure to highlight your home and provide safety and security for your family.

We encourage you to take a look at our gallery of work we’ve done for both residential and commercial properties. If you need assistance lighting your trees and landscape, give us a call today at (281)-961-0781.