Many people question the need or reason for using LED vs Incandescent when it comes to Christmas light Installation on their home or business. There is no correct answer, rather what is more suitable for the project at hand. First lets talk about the key differences between the two. 

  • Efficiency

    • LED bulbs are 8-9 times more efficient
      • LED C9 bulbs use .8 watts of power where as Traditional incandescent bulbs use 7w watts
      • That being said you can connect together 8-9 times the amount of LED together as you would with the traditional incandescent bulbs. 
      • It is normal to connect up to 125 incandescent bulbs on a single lights strand, totaling 875 watts.
      • With LED you can connect nearly 1,100 LED bulbs on a single lights strand, totaling 880 watts.
      • More practical for very Christmas light Installation projects with several hundreds – thousands of feet needed. 
  • Color

    • Most assume ALL LED are a light blue / cool white color, which is untrue.
      • Customer demand has driven technology to develop an LED bulb which resembles the color of a traditional incandescent bulb. 
      • A traditional incandescent bulb burns at a temperature of about 2700K, which is defined as warm white.
      • What people might not realize is that LED can come in a variety of different colors. Warm White, Pure White, and Cool White being the 3 most popular.
      • If you like the look of a traditional incandescent bulb, you should request to have Warm White LED product when shopping for Christmas light Installation
      • Pictured Below is our Incandescent vs LED christmas lights, can you tell which is which?

        Incandescent vs LED C9

        Incandescent vs LED C9
        Christmas Light Installation in Houston By LiT Professional Lighting

  • Longevity

    • LED bulbs are rated to last 60,000 Hours
    • Incandescent Bulbs are rated to last 3,000 hours
  • Reliability

    • LED bulbs are made of durable shatter free plastic
    • Incandescent Bulbs are made of a thin glass which shatters easy
    • When hiring LiT Professional Lighting for Christmas light Installation, its always nice knowing LED product wont fail as fast as the Incandescnt. 
  • Cost

    • LED technology is newer and better, which means more expensive.
    • Is it worth it to invest in a more expensive product? Knowing LED will reduce electric consumption, last longer, and break less?

There is no correct answer of Incandescent vs LEDChristmas light Installation.  Incandescent is cheaper, better for smaller jobs, and has a classic look. LED is more durable, efficient, and expensive, allowing for a long lasting, quality installation.