What are Landscape Lights?

Lighting for the landscape around your home. Whether they’re high in your house or down in the ground, everyone needs landscape lighting at one point or another. But where do you begin? Start with the types of landscape lighting you want then choose the type of light you want in your home!

The types of Landscape Lights

different types of lightPath Lights – These are small lights that follow a designated walkway. This makes it easy to ensure that no one steps on your fancy yard work while also making it easier to walk there at night!

Deck Lights – If you have a deck or a patio these are great to outline the surrounding area. This keeps critters at bay as well as maintain good mood lighting.

Flood Lights – Flood Lights are one of the best criminal deterrents you can invest in. Flood Lights pop a ton of attention when attached to a motion sensor.

SpotLight – A flood light but manually controlled. Ideal for holiday lighting.

The Different Types of Light

Incandescent – These are superheated coils in a glass bulb, often creating a dull, yellow hue which can be used for a rustic look.

Fluorescent – These can often last up to 35k hours and are sending an electrical discharge through ionized gasses. This creates a brighter, whiter light.

landscape lightingLED – The most common type of landscape lighting. These can look like fluorescent lights except they are easier to manage and can be altered to change hue.

UV – If you want to add some positive effects to your lighting try UV. This will help create a natural, Sunlight effect on your lawn and can help your plants grow!

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