At Lit Professional Lighting, we deal with a broad variety of different kinds of landscapes: residential, commercial, and more. That means we’ve seen some of the most frequent questions that Houston residents have about landscaping. Over the years, we’ve had more and more people ask us about energy efficient lighting.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about energy efficient landscape lighting: why some people prefer it to regular lighting, what kinds of light fixtures are the most energy efficient, and more. We hope this helps you as you determine what kind of lighting display you want.

Why People Choose To Get Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting

There are three major reasons why people often prefer energy efficient landscape lighting to typical lighting fixtures. The first is that it helps you save money on energy costs. This makes sense: the less energy your landscape lighting is using, the less money you need to spend to power it.

Along with helping you save money on energy bills, energy efficient lighting is also eco-friendly.  There’s also a less intuitive reason why energy efficient lighting is better: it helps increase the longevity of your fixtures. Because they’re not using as much energy, they last longer.

What Kinds of Energy Efficient Light Can You Use?

LED lights are often used in these designs, since they’re so much more efficient than other forms of lighting. Some LED lights use only 25% of the energy required by typical lights. They usually come with a greater upfront cost, but over time the energy costs more than make up for it.

It’s also possible to use solar lights, which are powered by the sun. While these lights are of course using energy, it’s not energy you have to pay for and they’re still more eco-friendly than other kinds of lights.

Looking for Landscape Lighting in Houston, Texas?

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