If you own a business with significant greenery, you need to get it lit. This is true whether there are walkways on your property or simply a lot of lawn.

Below, you’ll learn a few things you should know before getting lighting for your commercial landscape: why it’s so important, what type of lighting is right for your business, and more. By the end, you should be prepared to start your commercial landscape lighting project.

Commercial Landscape Lighting is Important For Security

If you’re running a property, the last thing you want is accidents. Yet without good lighting, that’s exactly what could happen.

Dark walkways make it easier for people to trip, which in turn makes you vulnerable to lawsuits. As well, an area without lights can make people feel less safe, since they won’t be able to see any strangers or animals approaching them.

Commercial Landscape Lighting is Important For Aesthetics

Along with security concerns, good landscape lighting also makes your landscape look better at night. If your property is well-maintained, the last thing you want is for people to walk or drive by without being able to see anything.

The right lighting will grab people’s eyes and attention, making them think about your business. This encourages walk-in traffic and leaves people with a positive impression.

What Type of Lighting is Right For Your Business?

When determining the right lighting to get, you have to take a few different considerations into mind. The first is how much area you want to cover. Some fixtures, like bullet lights, are great for brightly illuminating a small area but not as good for ensuring that an entire property is appropriately brightened.

As well, you’ll want to take your monthly energy budget into account. Different fixtures have different levels of efficiency. If you’re looking for energy-efficient cost-effective lighting, LEDs are an excellent choice. They can use up to 75% less energy, and they last much longer as well.

Finally, we’ll take into account how resilient your fixtures need to be. While all of our fixtures are resilient against weather conditions, we need to consider how often you or your employees are able to change bulbs.

For years, LiT Professional Lighting has been helping business owners ensure that their property is well-lit, so you can trust that we’ll be able to advise you on which lights are right for your needs.

Looking for Commercial Landscape Lighting in Houston, Texas?

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