Creating a great Christmas lights display in Conroe, TX can be a fun and competitive task.

But what can you do to make your Christmas light installation look better than the rest? Take a look at some of these helpful tips to turn your home into Winter Wonderland. 

Your Conroe Christmas Lights Display

If you take a drive through nearby neighborhoods to take in the holiday lighting, you’ll likely identify two types of homes. One of these is a landscape that has haphazard lights and decorations that results in a blinding blur of gaudiness. 

The other type of home is the one that has their holiday decorating down pat. There’s a few key techniques utilized to bring a home a pleasant and attractive cohesiveness when it comes to their Christmas lights display. 

A Unique or Personalized Theme

What are you trying to celebrate with your lights during the Christmas season? A standard display with typical Christmas colors can do just fine if you’re looking for simplicity. But you could also use it as an opportunity to create something that tells the neighborhood something about you or your family. 

You could highlight a particular interest, your favorite sports team, or something else personal to you. Whatever your vision is, stick to the theme and create ideas that you can then implement.

Plan Where Your Lights Will Go

Once you’ve selected your theme and planned what you will want to make, it’s time to create a blueprint. This will allow you to create a visualization of what your ideas will look like when actually applied to your home or lawn. You’ll be able to spot any unforeseen issues and make the necessary adjustments before you commit to purchasing. 

If you’re unable to come up with effective solutions on your own, consider recruiting the help of a professional landscape light installation company that has the tools and experience. They’ll be able to suggest alternatives so that you can realize your dream lights display. 

Install Your Lights and Decorations

The actual installation will hopefully be made simpler with your careful planning. Once you’ve purchased your lights and tools, it’s time to see what it really looks like. 

First and foremost, take every precaution you can to keep yourself safe while climbing ladders or standing on your roof, especially if you encounter snow or ice. Avoid overreaching, make sure your ladder is locked and stable, and prioritize your safety and balance over everything else.

Second, avoid nailing or stapling your lights into fixtures. Even if the initial break doesn’t impact the light strand, continued friction and wet weather can create a short. At best, this can cut power to a light strand, and at worst, create sparks or surges that can lead to bigger problems. Properly fasten all of your light strands or electronic decorations to a fixture without damaging the strand or your home. 

Finally, consider installing timers to conserve power or create a more dynamic display. You can set different strands to illuminate in different intervals, creating more of a light show as opposed to static illumination. 

LiT Professional Lighting – Conroe, TX

If you need help creating an incredible christmas lights display for your Conroe home, give LiT Professional Lighting a call. We have over 10 years’ experience creating customized, quality light displays for homes and businesses during the holiday season. We’ll help you realize your ideas, while handling the riskier, hands-on work that’s required. 

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