Thanksgiving is around the corner!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you’re like many Americans, you probably didn’t know that and might be having a minor freakout right now.

We’re not going to help you figure out how to make Thanksgiving dinner, but we will help you figure out how to decorate for Thanksgiving.

4 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving

Leaf String Lights

thanksgiving decorations One of the most popular ways to decorate for Thanksgiving is with the string lights that are autumn leafs. This help establishes the season while also emanating a beautiful light for all to see.

Pumpkins and Pilgrims

Next, we have pumpkins and pilgrims. Everyone likes both of these so bringing ornaments, and lawn ornaments will always help out in the long run. Try to stack a few pumpkins at the front door and a few pilgrim garden gnomes on the lawn.

Light Shows!

If you have projectors and slides, it’s a great opportunity to expand with light shows. You can cast shadows on the walls or your windows showing seasonal favorites for Thanksgiving.

Some ideas can be anything from pumpkins and pilgrims to Thanksgiving dinners and overspilling cornucopias.

Rustic Candles

Additionally, for those who want a touch of the true origin of the holiday. Try using some rustic candles around the house. These can provide some authentic pilgrim lighting in a way that doesn’t require you to turn off the A/C to prove a point about how things are better now.

Get Me Lit

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